Newsletter issue 18

DesleeMattex Newsletter Issue 18
DesleeMattex Artistic Vision

Artistic Vision focuses on two styles: Abstractions and Painted Collage. Both consist of an array of beautifully curated colours and designs that speak to the imagination. By using fresh colours, we establish a feeling of revival, being ready for what life will bring.

Fresh Classic focuses on three styles: Marble, Moire and Exquisite. each of these styles is composed of classic patterns and designs with a modern twist. The focus with Fresh classic lies in the luxuriousness and splendour that each of these styles brings.

Deslee Mattex Fresh Classic
Deslee Mattex Soft Minimalism

When thinking of Soft Minimalism, picture soft bulky fabrics that invite you to lay down for a while or curl up with a good book. This style is all about cushioned comfort and designs that create a welcoming feeling. Soft ribbing and intriguing stitching are created to enhance the appearance of quilted looks while waffle weaves make for three-dimensional fabrics that have a lived-in feeling

Nature is amazing. It is our greatest source of inspiration as it teaches us about resilience, perseverance, and strength. This period in our lives has not been easy, but just like Mother Nature, we push through, because we know that at the end of the road, there is hope and belief that everything will be okay again. We draw inspiration from nature as it is an immense source of ideas for fresh and new approaches to designs and styles. Our style Natural Essence takes you on a journey through specific aspects that nature has to offer.

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