Real Silk

Real Silk brings a touch of luxury to your sleep

Silk is one of the most exclusive and expensive fibres available. The preciousness of silk has created the exclusive perception about silk fabrics and garments and conveys a luxurious impression. Silk is also praised for its classic timeless appeal, comfort and beautiful lustre – making this natural material in high demand by the fashion segment worldwide.

Real Silk finish for any fabric type

Silk is a truly unique material – soft, thermo-regulating, highly absorbent and fast-drying, highly tear-resistant and virtually wrinkle-free. Real Silk transfers the desired characteristics and the luxurious feel of silk to other fabric types like polyamide, polyester, cotton or its blends. Traditionally, silk use has been limited to yarns, subsequently also limiting design flexibility and engendering high costs. With the ‘Real Silk’ treatment, short silk fibres are applied onto the surface of any kind of fabric. The soft touch of silk is reproduced on your mattress; the luxury of silk at a very attractive price.

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