Introducing Seaqual textiles that support ocean clean-up

What used to be a dreamy location for fairy tales, now becomes a landfill solved in water. Mermaids don’t feel like singing anymore, sea birds and fish choke on litter.

As you use it on a daily basis, plastic may seem harmless. But when it ends up in the ocean, it becomes a hazard. Not just for us, but for the generations to come. Plastic soup isn’t something we want to drink or swim in. And yet, it’s becoming our reality.

The story of our oceans is not a fairytale, but we believe this can change. We dream of a happy ending and do our best to make it happen - by making mattresses with innovative textiles that use recycled ocean waste.

When you get on board with Seaqual™, you get on board with 1500 fishermen who bring the garbage they fish ashore.

400 boats retrieve l ton of trash daily and l 00% of this garbage gets recycled. Some may say it’s a drop in the ocean, but we’re on it. Because we care about the future of our planet.

To maximise the impact, we need your help. Join the Seaqual™ community and dream of change as you sleep on the Seaqual™ mattress.

We turn the plastics collected from the sea into high quality, sustainable polyester fibres.

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