iCONIC Collection

We aspire to create cheerful and amusing feelings for our AW 19/20 collection as we are still very much in the festive mood after Interzum. It’s no wonder our message in 2019 is as clear as glass: Enjoy the party and bottoms up!

It took years of mixing to create those classic cocktails we order at bars around the world today. Some of those drinks of days gone by enjoyed their popularity but eventually lost their charm and had to make way for new and improved drinks. Others, on the other hand, persevered and grew into evergreen icons.

In our Iconic Collection, we’re breaking down some of the most historical cocktails ever made. Each cocktail represents a style from our latest collection.

  • CLASSIC 1870’s – Classic Manhattan
  • NUANCE 1930’s – Strawberry Daiquiri
  • PURE 1970’s – Home made Iced tea
  • FUSION 1990’s – Funky Cosmo