DesleeMattex (Pty) Ltd

Coleman Street, Elsies River
Cape Town, 7490, South Africa

Tel: +27 21 590 1800





The Extrusion plant extrudes continuous (FDY) polypropylene multi filament yarn of different deniers for use as weft in woven fabric and is also available for direct sale into the local textile industry. DesleeMattex is also in possession of a state-of-the-art Taslan machine that enables us to manufacture high quality air jet textured yarn which is utilized in our woven fabrics.



Our weaving plant comprising of 33 looms which is able to accommodate a large variety of jacquard woven fabric qualities in a variety of designs. In total the state-of-the-art electronic jacquard and air jet looms are able to produce 21 000m of fabric per day.

Circular Knitting


The circular knitting department has been in operation since 2010 and is expanding annually; growing in construction capability and capacity. The latest 3 Terrot machines were installed in 2015; and now producing in total a daily output of 9500m per day.



The Stenter machine was recently fitted with a new WEKO spraying device to reduce chemical and water waste as well as improving precision of applying treatments to the fabric surface. The department also has a lamination line that allows DesleeMattex to laminate various substrates to fabric, from spunbond to foam peeling. The purpose of the laminated substrate is to ensure a stable fabric for our customer’s further processing.